Our Patron

In 2004 Derren Brown became the proud patron (or as he likes to be known, The Patron Saint) of the registered charity the Parrot Zoo Trust. Having had parrots for many years with an innate fascination for these creatures it was a natural process to become involved with what is now, probably the worlds largest parrot rescue charity and the only one of its type in the United Kingdom to offer long term sanctuary to the many parrots and parakeets that need their assistance.

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His admiration and devotion can be seen in the letter below and along with the joy on his face within the photographs showing him on his latest visit to the centre. 


A Letter from Derren

A message from the CEO

In 2003 one of my personal dreams was realised when the doors were opened to the UK’s first ever dedicated parrot rescue centre, The National Parrot Sanctuary.

We had worked hard for many years before establishing ourselves as a world leader in parrot care and rehabilitation, something unique for parrot owners and parrots alike, offering long-term security for a special species where owners could actually come and see how their much loved parrot was doing.

Over a period of very successful years the name The Parrot Zoo kept cropping up when our visitors and supporters talked about us, and so in 2006 ‘The Parrot Zoo’ hatched and again we worked tirelessly in order to provide both a wonderful sanctuary and popular visitor attraction with a further ‘Feather in the Cap’ (excuse the pun) when we kicked off our academic partnership with Lincoln University and a major research centre for psittacines was created.

Now we could have stayed there and continued happily with our little sanctuary, but our relentless keepers yearned to assist even more animals, and so we began offering a helping hand to our furry friends too and before we knew it, Meerkats, Lemurs, Mandrills, Tapirs and even Tigers turned up along with many more, all receiving the same care and attention and began to enjoy life to the full.

In 2015, we are taking the next step of our exciting journey and we’d like you to join us. Over the next few months we will be evolving into “Lincolnshire Wildlife Park” an organisation dedicated to the protection and conservation of many species of animal in need of our help, this amazing park will also go back to our roots and house ‘The National Parrot Sanctuary’.

Our first challenge is to secure the future of eight amazing Bengal Tigers, who will ultimately be integrated with our present family. To do this we need your help and support like never before. We urgently need to construct phase one, a £300,000 state of the art enclosure which will provide a most natural captive environment for these beautiful creatures.

We have learned over the years that through the help and support of people working together, outstanding and sometimes utterly amazing things can be achieved. We would like to thank the many 1000’s of people who already been involved in our exciting journey and I hope you will join us in the next chapter.

Steve Nichols

Many thanks

Yours most sincerely

Mr Steve Nichols
Chief Executive Officer

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park & The Parrot Zoo Trust
Charity Registration Number: 1062413